It is Time for me to Step out of the Closet Now!

For many years, at least a decade now I have held the desire in my heart to meet my husband, move to another country and learn a new language. One never knows where these personal desires come from only that they blossom in the heart and stay there even in the face of no evidence of any of it ever happening.

Last year I met my dream husband. He had just come home from a trip to France where he is originally from and was on his way to do his laundry, jet lagged and shirtless. I had just moved into the house next door in Topanga Canyon just south of Malibu and the laundry machine for both our properties was under the house I was now living in.

Seven months later we were married on the balcony WeddingBest2where we met and four months later we went on our honeymoon to live in our house in Provence for three weeks. I cried when we left our home to come back to California and we were only back a week before discussing going straight back for another three weeks while our house was still open before having renters come in for the fall and winter. The next words that came out of my mouth were, “don’t take me back to France only to bring me back here.” I said those words without thinking but in the following two weeks we applied for my Visa, packed our things, shipped our car and moved to France!

My Beautiful Wife Amy so wonderfulWe moved to France knowing our house would not be available to live in until the spring and bonjour was the extent of my French! So the journey began in Topanga but what I am struck by is realizing why I held this dream in my heart all these years and the journey to myself that would begin to flower.

Twenty years ago, when my three children were very young, the two boys still in diapers, my husband came out of the closet and we divorced. The whole decade we were together I felt there was something wrong with me! Now I am married to a beautiful, intelligent man who celebrates my liberation and creative voice so I have decided to step out of the closet of my own!

Amy Stone

About Eric and Amy Stone

Eric and Amy Stone, also known as Eric and Amy Benichou-Stone are the Co-Founders of Speakers & Artists International, Inc.; a California Corporation. We are a husband and wife team dedicated to delivering world-class coaching and training programs in the arenas of business communication, public speaking, media appearances, performance, and personal growth & development. See bios here Eric is also the Founder and Head Coach of Hollywood Actors Studio, in Beverly Hills, CA, where he has been developing talent, directing and training actors for the stage, film & television industries, and lecturing for more than 20 years. Amy is now the CEO of Speakers & Artists International, Inc. She's a multi-facetted and visionary guide and teacher. Her talent lies in her ability to focus on the individualís core identity and bring out truth and authenticity hidden behind the veil of ineffective habits and outdated conditioning. Eric Stone is also a Producer, a Creative Director, and a Professional Stage, Film, and Television Actor with major national and international credits to his name. Eric, also known as artist Philippe Benichou is a Published Author and an Internationally acclaimed award-winning visual Artist, represented in seven countries around the world.
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  1. Valerie Penven says:

    Wonderful and very inspiring story ! happy for you both ! See you soon in France … Yes to Life !
    love the pics :))

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