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Are You Paying Attention to the Background Frequency from which you Engage Others?

Self-expression always comes with the signature of the person speaking and communicating. It’s very much like signing our name to a contract. To a large extent it also contains the spirit, personality and passion of the person expressing. The impact … Continue reading

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On Mind Serving the WRONG MASTER

Existential angst is such an essential component to growth and development. Being human is not exactly a walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination. We chew on our internal psychological suffering like we chew on a piece … Continue reading

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How to Create Credible & Powerful First Impressions! By Eric Stone

The subject of credibility is at the heart of the matter of both successful presentations and effective communications. Something is credible to the degree that it is worthy of belief. Hence, credibility can generate the possibility of reliability on the speaker, the information presented and the style of delivery. Put simply, we cannot trust something we have not found credible. Continue reading

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How to Make Speaking with Confidence into a Way of Life by Eric Stone

As a coach you are clearly in the business of empowerment. As I continue my journey working with people of all walks of life, professional and cultural backgrounds, it has become undeniably obvious that possessing good public speaking skills is now the “new must.” As far as I can tell it started to really pick up speed around 2003. Continue reading

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Love Thyself Not Thy Neighbor

Consciousness is very different than memory. While consciousness watches, memory remembers and computes. Funny how some fairly obvious observations, once spoken, become excellent opportunities for inquiry. Memory or mind cannot solve existential angst. Though within an artificial and safe environment, … Continue reading

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