Strategic Keys to Powerful Communication by Eric Stone

Context and premise. Speakers, communicators and business leaders all aspire to deliver key communications, speeches and presentations with a genuine sense of ease, power and freedom. As globalization continues to act as a powerful context and asserts its new atmosphere, the empowerment of business professionals is more than ever a fundamental strategic consideration.

The artificial nature of our communication and public speaking situations demands a constantly renewed understanding of what it means to get our messages across.

Leadership, accountability, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, personal power, superior communication skills, open-mindedness, inspiration, motivation and so on…become the new “must” required qualities to thrive in the new century.

The strength of communication power draws a great deal of its energy from role playing. The performing arts, specifically stage acting, staging and directing are culturally embedded in all of us. The only difference between a speaker and an actor is that an actor is expected and paid to go through an emotional and transformational experience in front of our eyes. A speaker, leader or communicator remains outside of those emotional demands but deals with identical performance issues just the same.

From this perspective alone, everyone is profoundly unique in his or her style and approach.

·      Strengthen Confidence and Trust. Strengthen your confidence and trust in yourself while speaking in front of groups. All communications must be anchored in the right ground and the right tools. There are physical, emotional and psychological anchors. While some forward your action, others spell disaster. Make sure you work from the right anchors. This is your competitive edge.

·      Remove Blocks to Speaking in Front of Groups. Learn to remove unwanted blocks and obstacles from interactions where communication and speaking is key. Remember that we are not afraid of fear itself but of what people will either think, say or do to us if we fail. We can spend a lifetime avoiding having people to say or think negative things to us. Conquering our fears can be a powerful and rewarding experience impossible to trade for any other.

·      Discover your Natural Ability to Engage Others Effectively. You discover your natural ability to engage your audience or listeners with ease, power and strong intentionality by making yourself receptive to others.

·      Stage fright will subside dramatically as you deal with it. Stage fright has several sources. Being in public subconsciously evokes exposure to ridicule, emptiness, the unknown, and meaninglessness. This confronts us as we are called upon to communicate, present, and perform. Accepting the challenge to confront what confronts us is the access. Acquiring good skills helps us claim our territory in front of a group and inspire respect.

·      Service and Empowerment. Audiences love to be served well and feel empowered by a presenter. A good speaker creates a safe space for an audience to participate in and experience a worthwhile event. There is a vast difference between convincing and empowering, coercing and serving or forcing and inspiring. Capitalize on your ability to empower and serve others. Say goodbye to manipulation techniques and instead build on the courage to stand for what you are communicating.

·      Charismatic and Commanding Presence. By focusing on service and contribution, you will come across not only confident and credible but commanding and charismatic. By getting in touch directly with your strong intentions, they will act as genuine sources of behavior and effectiveness. Remember that people read or feel your intentions over words and sentences.

·      Discover Innovative Listening Power. Listening is a skill and an art. It’s not how or why we listen but to what. We too often interpret and judge words or attitudes, rather than get what people are “intending” to communicate to us. There lies the power. Once I stop listening to myself interpret, I begin to hear them.

·      Stay Present and Connect to your Audience. You’ll discover the power of being present and genuinely connect with your audience. If you can be present with people, they will pay you back 1000-fold.

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Wishing you continued success,

Eric Stone

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