The Farmer’s Wife Life Is For ME!

I find it absolutely amazing that for over a year I have been saying to my husband that all I want is a simple life with him. I started saying this back when we were in the Los Angeles area where the energy is very much about how busy you are and how cool you are. If you are not Brad or Angelina you don’t count. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to stand in life at the grocery store 2016-01-20-17.21.37and not have to look at Kim Kardashian’s face or butt on every magazine. She is not the woman I want to be looking at. It took a recent trip back to Los Angeles to really see and feel how sensitive we were to this environment and have a full-blown realization of why we needed to leave. You see we were living what we thought was a simple life but far away from the pulse of how simple our hearts were longing for.


The atmosphere here at the farm has been this beautiful and healing atmosphere to shed a life that I had lead my whole life so far away from myself. I never dreamt I would find the key to unlock my heart on a farm in France! It’s not a farm full of animals but rather an old, country French farmhouse where we actively continue to work creatively with our clients and focus on our company. There is something so healing to my heart with each Bonjour that nobody forgets to say as you enter a shop or pass each other while walking on a country road.

I am finally of the road to discover my life as an individual. After years of being raised to let everyone else’s moods, desires and opinions mold and shape me. I now have this most precious opportunity to step into the life I have held secretly in my heart all these years.

As serendipity or life would have it, I am finding my true path on a farm in France. 2016-01-23-15.15.15I had a dream the other night and the message I woke up with is that happiness is definitely a choice; you just need to choose to be YOU!

I am growing my new reality from where I belong, with my beautiful husband and redefining and rewriting the script of my life. I was sharing with Eric the other morning while we were having le café in bed that sometimes I feel sad about the years that I spent giving my power away and caring so much more about what other people think that I had no idea who I was. It’s time to walk away from those old wounds and turn my mistakes into opportunities and a heart full of gratitude.

Like my husband shared with me the other day how amazing it is to him that in the world of science mistakes are celebrated as they2016-01-22-13.50.44 lead that much closer to an original discovery! What I have discovered is it’s the farmer’s wife life that is for me.

About Eric and Amy Stone

Eric and Amy Stone, also known as Eric and Amy Benichou-Stone are the Co-Founders of Speakers & Artists International, Inc.; a California Corporation. We are a husband and wife team dedicated to delivering world-class coaching and training programs in the arenas of business communication, public speaking, media appearances, performance, and personal growth & development. See bios here Eric is also the Founder and Head Coach of Hollywood Actors Studio, in Beverly Hills, CA, where he has been developing talent, directing and training actors for the stage, film & television industries, and lecturing for more than 20 years. Amy is now the CEO of Speakers & Artists International, Inc. She's a multi-facetted and visionary guide and teacher. Her talent lies in her ability to focus on the individualís core identity and bring out truth and authenticity hidden behind the veil of ineffective habits and outdated conditioning. Eric Stone is also a Producer, a Creative Director, and a Professional Stage, Film, and Television Actor with major national and international credits to his name. Eric, also known as artist Philippe Benichou is a Published Author and an Internationally acclaimed award-winning visual Artist, represented in seven countries around the world.
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