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Eric and Amy Stone, also known as Eric and Amy Benichou-Stone are the Co-Founders of Speakers & Artists International, Inc.; a California Corporation. We are a husband and wife team dedicated to delivering world-class coaching and training programs in the arenas of business communication, public speaking, media appearances, performance, and personal growth & development. See bios here Eric is also the Founder and Head Coach of Hollywood Actors Studio, in Beverly Hills, CA, where he has been developing talent, directing and training actors for the stage, film & television industries, and lecturing for more than 20 years. Amy is now the CEO of Speakers & Artists International, Inc. She's a multi-facetted and visionary guide and teacher. Her talent lies in her ability to focus on the individualís core identity and bring out truth and authenticity hidden behind the veil of ineffective habits and outdated conditioning. Eric Stone is also a Producer, a Creative Director, and a Professional Stage, Film, and Television Actor with major national and international credits to his name. Eric, also known as artist Philippe Benichou is a Published Author and an Internationally acclaimed award-winning visual Artist, represented in seven countries around the world.

Are You Paying Attention to the Background Frequency from which you Engage Others?

Self-expression always comes with the signature of the person speaking and communicating. It’s very much like signing our name to a contract. To a large extent it also contains the spirit, personality and passion of the person expressing. The impact … Continue reading

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A Great Speaker Is First and Foremost a Great Host.

 Speakers, orators, presenters, musicians, singers, actors, etc., are all required to take on an “active and dominant” role in order to be believable and demonstrate credibility. Taking charge physically, emotionally and of course technically is a must. A good speaker … Continue reading

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On Mind Serving the WRONG MASTER

Existential angst is such an essential component to growth and development. Being human is not exactly a walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination. We chew on our internal psychological suffering like we chew on a piece … Continue reading

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The Farmer’s Wife Life Is For ME!

I find it absolutely amazing that for over a year I have been saying to my husband that all I want is a simple life with him. I started saying this back when we were in the Los Angeles area … Continue reading

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The Power of Belonging: Don’t You Dare Go Anywhere Without Your Credibility!

One of the most potent “credibility builders” is our sense of belonging.  What is that? Well, glad that you asked…To belong is the ability and capacity to embody or manifest in physical form without apology. There is so much apology in … Continue reading

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For many years, at least a decade now I have held the desire in my heart to meet my husband, move to another country and learn a new language. One never knows where these personal desires come from only that … Continue reading

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The Longest Journey I Ever Took Was from My Head to My Heart

Eric and I have been back in France for 11 days now after our trip to Los Angeles to get my Visa so I can stay and live in France. Moving to France was the best thing I have ever … Continue reading

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The Hidden Language of the Breath by Eric Stone

The Hidden Language of the Breath An essay in intuitive awareness and direct experience Eric Stone © July 16, 2013 Stress and dissatisfaction possibly represent the deepest ancestral binary pattern that undermines human health, spirit and the possibility of fulfillment … Continue reading

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How to Train CEO’s, Executives & Business professionals

Training CEO’s and Executives In an atmosphere of globalization, companies large and small face challenging leadership and creative issues both at home and abroad. The training and professional empowerment of executives is increasingly becoming a fundamental strategic issue. Leadership, accountability, … Continue reading

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Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

What can you do when you are afraid to speak in front of a group and on top of this when your boss is sitting front row? Most people are terrified to speak in public, regardless of who is in … Continue reading

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